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So I nearly fucked things up with my best friend on saturday night

We were both out with two of our mutual friends and some of his college friends and I haven’t seen him( lets call him FRED) in months so we’d organised this so we could meet up and then the day of loads of people sort of invited themselves/ got invited and we ended up with a fairly sizable group.

So after going on seven years of FRED being my best friend i knew pretty well where I friendship began and ended, but the last few months things have been different. And not in a ‘so slightly different it would really be what way i take them’ kind of different i mean anyone could tell, so i figure if anything’s gonna happen between us it’s gonna be on Saturday night

Not only did I hardly get to talk to him, he was also texting most of the night. At the end of the night I managed to get it out of him that he’s been texting this girl who he knows from college and is a few years younger.

I had to switch from my actual mood of. “Shit”. To “oh yeah dude you should so ask her out :)” Because that’s what best friends do. i woke up Sunday morning just thinking for fucks sake even though i didn’t actually DO anything I still probably did a few really daft things last night

When you know something will never happen and it in fact does not happen, it’s funny how it can still suck

Ha! I get 180 codeine tablets and they’re suppose to last me 30 days

I’ve had them for going on 6 days so by the end of today I should be 36 tablets down. I’m 61, oops

I swear the world gets worse with each generation. There are so many people that hate themselves now. That hurt themselves because society and people around them are telling them that they aren’t good enough. It’s bullshit that we have to live in a place and time like this


if tumblr hasn’t made you question your sexuality at least once you probably haven’t been on long enough